Getting started

WayPoint is a technology company offering travel companies the opportunity to provide their customers with custom travel insurance products that meet their unique needs.

WayPoint’s seamless process provides a one-stop shop for your travel company’s customers, without them even having to leave your website. They’ll compare plans from the best travel insurance companies around the world, all meeting your customers’ needs and fulfilling the requirements of their destination(s).

With WayPoint, you get:

  • The world’s best travel insurance aggregator and quoting engine via an API, iframe, or unique hosted site (for partners without an existing website).
  • Automatic updates to all plans and products.
  • Reliable access to support for integration, marketing, and customer service.
  • Real-time sales, earnings, and policy information through your client dashboard.

With WayPoint, your clients get:

  • Travel insurance plans matched to their unique travel experience.
  • Reliable and fast customer support. No one expects you to be an insurance expert!
  • Claims advocacy, helping them through the process of filing if need be.

Start here. It takes about two minutes to get the ball rolling.

  • Sign up with WayPoint, providing us with a little information about your company.
  • Receive a personalized partnership contract highlighting your commission percentages.
  • Sign your contract and choose your integration (widget, iframe, or unique hosted site).
  • Schedule an onboarding with your dedicated WayPoint Account Manager and Technical Support Representative.
  • Integrate WayPoint technology into your business flow and start selling travel insurance to your clients.

WayPoint is pleased to partner with any company that has customers who need travel insurance. If you are a travel company seeking to offer a broader suite of products to your customers, and expand your own revenue base, WayPoint is for you. Our current roster of partners spans a diverse set of categories within the travel industry, including travel agents, OTAs, airlines, hotels, destination management companies, tour providers, bloggers, and influencers.

Nope! Not a penny. In fact, we pay you! WayPoint is a zero-cost service, with a simple and free application process.

As a wholesaler of travel insurance products, we offer all of our partners a higher rate of commission than the industry standard. Compensation amounts vary from product to product, with all details and specifics outlined during the application process.

Account management

Your client dashboard provides real-time data on every policy your customers purchase. You can see sales reports, revenue earned, and track any data points relevant to your business.

Using your client dashboard, you can easily access provider information and policy numbers for all of your customers’ purchases. No need to bug your customers for that crucial information you may need for business or government purposes.

In the event that your customer has an emergency during their trip, having access to their policy information could make all the difference. You could really save the day!

We have relationships with every major travel insurance provider around the world that meets our rigorous 72-point quality assurance standards. Your clients receive only the highest quality products every time.

WayPoint is a dynamic solution for your company. You can choose how involved you want us to be. At our best, WayPoint provides full-service customer support for you and your clients, meaning you won’t ever have to act as the insurance expert. If your customers have a question about quoted plans or need to make a change to their policy, we’ve got you covered!

Absolutely! If you have an existing relationship with an insurance provider, it won’t conflict with our partnership. We would love to be your exclusive travel insurance provider, but if you prefer to work with more than one company, we’re happy to be flexible. As we work together, we will strive to distinguish ourselves as your most reliable and trustworthy travel insurance partner.

Our full-service platform allows you to offer plans to any traveler. WayPoint technology finds the best travel insurance options for travelers of all national origins, and all international and domestic trips. International tourists, students, exchange visitors (J-Visa), and US Green Card holders visiting the US for a short stay, tour groups, and vacationers are some of our most popular insureds, but the list doesn’t stop there.

Affiliates promote a company’s products or services through their existing networks. An affiliate program is a way to share products you believe in with your customer base and/or community while earning a profit for any sales made through what is known as a revenue sharing program. Any sales generated from traffic specific to the affiliate are shared between the affiliate and the merchant.

None at all! WayPoint takes care of all the serious stuff. We have all of the licensing and contracts to sell insurance to any of your customers, regardless of where they are from, where they live, and where they’re going.

WayPoint has ways to work with every kind of affiliate, including those who do most of their business in person, even if they don’t have a website. After you submit your application, we’ll work with you to develop a unique solution to meet the specific needs of your business and your customers.

If you choose to setup a webpage for selling products with WayPoint, we will manage and maintain everything for you. Partners who choose to integrate our technology into their existing sites will also receive the full support of our team through any updates or modifications on your end or ours.

The more the merrier! We’ll set you up with one link that can be shared across all of your platforms. You can then track sales and revenue for all of these referring businesses in one place by logging into your client dashboard.


We compensate our partners on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, depending on your sales volume. The more sales you generate, the more often you get paid. You will never be paid less than once per month.

Each travel pro who works with WayPoint is assigned a unique ID. That ID will be embedded into your widget or website to track every travel insurance purchase your customers make, but it doesn’t stop there. Our tracking points will provide you with interesting information and insights on your customers’ behavior. Are people interested in what you’re recommending, but they just aren’t converting? We’ll give you that data so you can make informed decisions about how to increase sales and revenue.

When setting up your unique WayPoint ID, you will choose the name that displays on your widget or custom site. For example, you might own a company called ABC Travel Holdings. However, your followers and clients typically know you by ABC Adventures. You’ll know your unique ID is working when you see your name displayed on your widget or custom booking site.

Additionally, you can log into your client dashboard at any time to check the status of your link. If everything is working as it should, you should see a green dot next to the words: “Currently booking travel protection.” That signifies that your widget and WayPoint ID are fully functional and integrated. If there is an error in processing, a red dot will display with the message “We are investigating an issue with your affiliate ID.”

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime. We’re here to help!

WayPoint processes all partner referral payments via direct deposit or PayPal. Direct deposit setup requires a fairly simple form, but PayPal payments can be processed even more easily, with just your email address.

WayPoint affiliates can earn commission in most parts of the world, where doing business with US-based companies is possible and legal. US citizenship is not required to partner with WayPoint.

WayPoint makes all affiliate payments in US dollars.

Sales and marketing

WayPoint offers unique banners, text links, and buttons for you to copy and paste into your site. These graphic tools allow the absolute easiest integration for generating revenue to large audiences in real time.

Yes, of course! This is a great place to put your affiliate link, especially if this is where you engage with your customers and audiences the most. It's a great idea to include your affiliate links across a variety of other platforms like:

  • Blog Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Tutorials and “Unboxings of Insurance Certificate and Plans”
  • Banner Ads
  • Resource Pages
  • Ebooks and Other Digital Content Offers


Unfortunately, this is one of the very few times we have to say no. WayPoint’s Terms and Conditions are very specific to our needs as an organization. They align with our best business practices and ethics, so we do not make adjustments for specific individuals or companies. We do not believe that would be fair. Every company that interacts with WayPoint will be treated equally, with the same standards for integrity and exceptional customer service.

Get down to it.

Sign up now to get the ball rolling. In many cases, we can have you fully set up to offer travel insurance to your customers within the day!

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